• Re: How to revive this game

    This 100%^^ if you go back and look at a lot of the feedback from DOW 1/2, this is what people wanted. A mash up of DOW 1/2 with a little sprinkle of COH, voila, now we have just that. (View Post)
  • Re: [Locked]

    100% agree. DOW 1, just reinforce in the field. Dow 2, mash the retreat button. Dow 3, micro or die. For all the DOW1/2 lovers out there, if you really expected a DOW 1/2 remaster then you're dreamin… (View Post)
  • Thanks Relic!

    There is a lot of hate going around, so I figured I would try something more positive. Thanks Relic for continuing one of my most beloved franchises. I was really disappointed when THQ closed, but wa… (View Post)