• Re: SM Abuse

    there is no way around it the prize for building needs to have a look at There is the increase building cost Create restrictive zone for building or a mix of the 2 and add increased cost to buildings… (View Post)
  • Re: Model health

    @Ololo111 If it did work like that then there would be a boat load of balance issues regarding the different behaviour when dealing with direct dps and aoe. Your personal tech-priest might have some … (View Post)
  • Re: My look at DoW 1 to 3

    Now lets have a look at DoW 3 prized features Elite system Elite points (resources) are used to purchase Elite units up to 3 selected in the loadout screen or heavy ordnance Pretty basic and essentia… (View Post)
  • Should friendly-fire be a thing

    Like the title I would like to discuss on the topic of friendly fire. Currently it doesn't exist I can drop a heavy ordinance right on top of my guys and they don't even bat an eye to its great destr… (View Post)