• Flat HP increase

    Should it be removed? Imo, yes. With the presence of some doctrines AND health upgrades, this makes units silly resilient at all the wrong times. Let's take some numbers: +30% buff +12% Health upgrad… (View Post)
  • Re: How to play Orks?

    (Quote) Yeah, my issues stem from few issues: * Very easy to counter tech building. If you build them inside the main base, congratz, no scrap on the front line! Meaning awkward early / mid game * Aw… (View Post)
  • How to play Orks?

    I mean, they are a super weird army in 3. Not to mention that I don't think they're that effective. -> Super costly and counterable Towers -> Weird and frankly weak Elites(wtf is that Lifta thi… (View Post)