• Re: Do you believe in DoW3's future?

    TBH the game has allready sold more copies than Dawn Of War 2 did in its first two months of release I think after every on ehas gotten over them selves and more content has come out everything will … (View Post)
  • Content

    I firmly believe that a free DLC faction could save this game as well several hastily released elite packs. I feel that if there was more content that people liked like Chaos and lets say Imperial Gu… (View Post)
  • Re: Content

    They have lost over 10,000 users in two weeks and were talking about game that has only generated about 8 million dollers I agree personaly they should be paid but things are not going well I will su… (View Post)
  • Relic Please Read This

    The game is bleeding Huge numbers of players whilst sales of the game are good it is clear that there is a serious problem could some one from Relic please address this issue and state your future pl… (View Post)