• Re: Blood ravens lore.

    Cant really tell what you mean with past stories. the only story i could relate to and that would be twisting it a litle bit is from dawn of war 1. And please do not compare a masterpiece with this H… (View Post)
  • Re: $60 to Beta test DoW3. Wow Relic.

    The only thing i still dont understand is why they didnt make dawn of war 3 like dawn of war 2. if the problem was about money, they will go down faster with dow3 then with dow2 retribution. (View Post)
  • Concerns

    Hello as the title says im really concerned about the game i know mostly of you will say its still new and it has been out in only lets say 1 month the game takes time to get good. Yes its an argumen… (View Post)
  • Re: Concerns

    Why are you dudes atacking each other? People can give their Opinion, if he isnt happy with the game no need to be salty @Bigamo (View Post)

    Its becuse of this new garbage people turn traitor i mean look at the Jewel we had ! Everyone loved the Dawn of war series until soulstorm then they made dawn of war 2 it was still an awesome people … (View Post)