• Re: It's the players, stupid.

    What you've used to defend the game in many of your points are grasping at "Positives" just as many people who hate the game also grasp at anything they can to shed a negative light on the … (View Post)
  • Re: Fed up

    (Quote) It's enough to start a fresh army. I honestly don't think the system works well. It doesn't punish bad plays which is core to any RTS really. (View Post)
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    (Quote) If we compare it to DoW 2 your army usually consisted of various line units. Space Marines can use ASM for an entire match and that's it. The strategy has been watered down. Don't tell me the… (View Post)
  • Fed up

    So tell me, how can two ASM's with Power Swords wipe 4 boyz squads but the Kommando comes out of no where and wipes most of their models? He can still shoot when engaged in melee with them. It makes … (View Post)
  • Re: DoW3 lacking depth?

    The game has mechanics and abilities that punish blobbing to the extreme. If you blob you're going to have a bad time. If anything on the surface it look like blobbing could work but then it forces y… (View Post)